Project Bro Bro was created to combat current research which conveys  that Boys of Color statistically have the lowest high school graduation rates  and the highest incarceration rates throughout the State of California .Both of these issues are inter-twined.   

It is Project Bro Bro's mission to assist boys of color beat the odds and eliminate the cradle to prison pipeline.  We understand that these boys lifes matter so we are doing our part to help this population of boys achieve academically, socially and mindfully.

Calling all Parents into Action! You Count


Project Bro Bro works with the understanding that we are all unique and have the capabilities to be the best we can with the right resources.  We reach out to help in all areas of a youths life circle whether home, school or community.  

Our Boys Do Matter!


Our youth are our future.  We understand that we all come from varying backgrounds, and we are focused on helping the under served population to be their best.

We Provide One to One Mentoring


Coming January 2017 - Job Fair (TBA)

Workforce Development for
16 - 24 year olds.


Understanding that in order to be successful after you get on the job it is very important to have great development and leadership skills to maintain the job.
Resume Preparation Services
Learning Job Expectations
Leadership Training
Entrepreneurship Workshops
Referrals to Bay Area Employers    
Referrals to Pre-Aprenticeship Programs
Partnering With Outsourcing Partners 


Calling All Parents: We now have Parent Advocacy Trainings for Parents of Public Schools in the Bay Area.  (TBD) Please contact either Rachell Evans or Kimberly Cox at (415) 935-9885 FOR MORE INFORMATION!

Project Bro Bro has one on one mentoring for each men-tee which is matched up with a specific mentor.

Our Motto is it Takes a Village to Train our Youth, be a part of the Solution and not the Problem!

We are an INTENTIONALLY BASED Volunteer Organization with the best interest in our Boys of Color and their Survival and Empowerment!

Always there to help and nurture and we will not give up on our boys, as we provide positive tools for all of our youth to succeed learning knowledge of self through mindfulness, empowerment and education.

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