Rachell Evans



Rachell comes to us with an array of experience and knowledge.  She has been PBB's Mentoring Director.  A proud native San Franciscan and a graduate of City College.  Her background includes working with families in the San Francisco Communities.  Working with the Juvenile Justice System, Foster Care, Homeless, Health Department and actively advocating for the under served families which includes the parents, caregivers along with the youth.   She continues to work as a case manager and assist the familes of the under served community.  She has an intentionality to helping our black males of color succeed and she understands the barriers they face on a day to day basis.  She is the proud mother of two distingushed Black Males.  A pround mother, advocate, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working with this unique group of male teens.  She is looking forward to providing mentoring services and helping them strive to be their very best.


Project Bro Bro



We Would Like to Congradulate our Newly Appointed


Charles Evans



Charles is a graduate of Moorehouse College.  Charles is a native Bay Area young man of color with an understanding of the various school systems here in California.   He has first hand experience as he is a former mentor to our Project Bro Bro Community in assisting the PBB young males.  He is coming to this position with experience and knowledge of PBB goals. and his own personal goals of mentoring each young man.  He is  bringing his positionality of the education system to reach each of our Men-tee's One Youth at a Time.  Charles feels the ultimate goal is for each young man to become Successful African American Males to graduate high school,  through intentiional mentoring attendance at a secondary school or apprenticeship program.  He is of the belief all young men can be whatever it is they achieve to be with the extra moral support and guidance. It takes hard work, support and dedication.  

Johnicon George



Johicon George comes to Project Bro Bro with a wealth of leadership skills. He is also a Bay Area Native and from San Francisco.  He has guided other non profits and understands the intrinsic ups and downs of managing an organization of this type.  His expertise and guidance will ultimately put PBB in the right direction in seeking its goal of mentoring each young man positively.   He is missioned to helping these young men become  positioned in the direction of understanding self, manhood and empowerment.  Mr. George has his own leadership course he implements to young males of color and is looking to assisting our males become empowered and positively influenced to become successful young men.  His goal is to help expand and define the the program. Johnicon comes to PBB with great leadership skills as the former Executive Director of a well known Non Profit in the Bayview Hunters Point Community of San Francisco and whom was appointed by Gavin Newsom to this past position.  He is also the current elect NAACP President of the Tri Area Community.  PBB is so honored to have him as our new Vice President Elect and look forward to his leadership, guidance and overall assistance in moving PBB in the right direction.

Belinda Arterberry-Underwood



Belinda Arterberry-Underberry is a Bay Area Native.  She is a graduate of Lowell High School in San Francisco and earned her Bachelors of Arts from Chapsman University in Criminal Justice.  A former hall of famer in Basketball Player from Lowell and Chapmans University.   Belinda understands the black male youth impact and societal issues surrounding our males of color here in the Bay Area.  She has a host of nieces and nephews bay area wide. Belinda is looking to help PBB move forward to being a successful mentoring organization with  focusing on the entire unit to include the parent, child and or caregiver.  Helping to assist the entire unit to the ultimate academia goal of graduation from high school and beyond.  She believes Parents and caregivers are the nucleaus of the youths outcome.  Wants to see our youth and families utilize  economic opportunities to help our males of color become independent empowered young men.

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