Meet PBB Volunteer Staff

Kimberly Cox, Executive Director

Rachell Comes to PBB with over 20 years experience with Family Advocacy.  She  is a loving mother of two males.  She is a graduate of City College of SF and a former Nurse.  She has worked with under served communities in San Francisco assisting Families in the Juvenile System, Social Services, Foster Care and etc.  She has an intentional heart to help those who want the assistance to be their best.  Advocating for youth has been her calling and she is one of the best Mentors our youth has had the priviledge of having.

Merry is a life coach  with great expectations.   Merry has an Masters in Spiritual Psychology and is a Doctoral Candidate.  She is committed to helping the  African American Male Underserved Communities Thrive.  She comes to Project Bro Bro with an Intentional Purpose to make a difference in our boys mindsets to be all that they can be.  Her philosophy is  that through mindfulness and self esteem our boys can accomplish any thing they put their minds too.  Her training has had an positive impact on our boys lives

 Mr. K.E. Dorham comes to Project Bro Bro with a wealth of information.  He is a graduate of Praire University and is an accomplished Black Historian.  KE provides pertinent information to our boys to understand who they are and where they come from.  The history allows the boya ro utilize their critical thinking skills to understand that our history does not start and end with Slavery.  We have many accomplished contributors and our Boys must know the truth about their history.

Kimberly "The Advocate" Cox comes to Project Bro Bro from an advocacy perspective.  She has a Masters in Psychology and has studied the dynamics of Inner City Youth.  She understands the statistical data and its impact with the truth about how African American Teen Age Boys are not provided a fair chance in life.  Due to their environment (school, community and etc), the injustices afforded to this group is very significant.  Statistically AA  Male Teens have the lowest High School Graduation Rate along with the highest incarceration Rate.  Her philosophy is we must change their dynamics one teen at a time.  Mentoring is the key to making a difference in their lives.

Merry Parrish, Life Coach
K.E. Dorham, Historian/Educator
Rachell Evans, Director of Mentoring

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