Recent Testimonials of Actual PBB Clients

II was formally identified with a learning disability and had a need to obtain a job.  Project Bro Bro not only helped me to secure one job but three jobs!  Now the burden was to distinguish whick job to choose!


TAY Youth

My son has been experiencing some behavioral issues in school, and a dedicated mentor has been helping my son to channel positive energy and cope with day to day triggers!


 PBB Stay In School

 I recently had some issues with the law and they supported me and attended Court.  I'm a soon to be father.  PBB advocated and mentored me week by week to get my life turned around for the best.  I am now gainfully employed.


TAY Youth

These are just a few examples of men-tees who have benefited from our free mentoring services!

I was slated to only obtain a certificate until Project Bro Bro discovered I was not on track for graduating with a high school diploma.  I was in all the wrong classes and they requested a change, and negotiated extra work to enable me to graduate high school.  I now have my high school diploma.


TAY Stay In School

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